For those who choose change and drive improvement, this program and continued consulting support can help to engage your people, create helpful models to frame communication, meetings and interactions, supported by industry standard templates to manage the project.

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  • Ideal for: Aspiring, Middle, Deputy, Principal, Executive Roles.
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Learn how to:

  • Influence others
  • Lead change and improvement
  • Project Manage your Action Plan


Professional development can be a significant investment for organisations, so for leaders to get the best return-on-investment, there must be some improvement enacted, some change driven as an outcome. Too often, people attend a workshop or learn about something new that is then expected to be implemented across a cohort or even a whole school. Influencing others and leading a strategic change initiative often gets put in the ‘too hard’ basket because leading change is hard.

This program provides the understanding about change from an individual perspective, while also sharing effective processes and communication channels to support implementation. Industry standard templates are part of the program and support your long term strategy.

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