Coaching Team

Lisa Newland

South East Region

Lisa designs and develops bespoke leadership programs to build capability, create a common language and address specific pain points for schools and organisations…

Peta Barker

South East Region

Development of whole-school strategies to build staff engagement, improve whole school pedagogy and integrate, align and prioritise different initiatives…

Dr Liz Irwin

South East Region

Dr Liz Irwin is an experienced education consultant, coach and school reviewer, working in both U.S.A. and Australia. Her work in these countries has…

Eric Napier

Remote only

Eric’s approach to leadership coaching is to support and challenge leaders to develop high performance teams, build trust, earn respect, inspire team spirit, and cultivate….

Tammy Schincariol

South East Region

Tammy is a highly qualified educational leader with a uniquely broad perspective, having taught in all year levels of primary and secondary…

Heidi McGlashan

South East Region

Heidi’s list of specialties include: Applying the School Improvement Model to lead and drive school improvement priorities.

Krishneel Maharaj

South East Region

I work at the intersection of well-being and high performance, with a particular interest in Positive and Performance Psychology, for both athletes and organisational leaders…

Sentis applies the latest neuroscience and psychology to enhance the performance of your people and achieve organisational excellence.

As part of its Coaching Solution Design, Sentis specialists work with your people using the CogCoach Model, an internally developed and research-based coaching tool. Sentis uses a coaching model that deals with our cognitions and acts as a ‘cog in the machine’ of Sentis’ overall organisational solutions, and so the name for the model CogCoach was born.

  • The model combines best practices from across coaching literature in organisational environments and creates a streamlined approach to help facilitate the best and most effective coaching experience in any organisational setting.

The objective of the model is to ensure that consistent and necessary processes and milestones are achieved in each coach-coachee engagement. The model allows flexibility for the coach and coachee to work through each step at their own pace and use specific techniques that best match their relationship.

Coaching FAQs

9 recommended coaches for this scope of work.

Gold Coast Region, Brisbane / Metro Region, Airlie Beach / Whitsunday Region.

We offer remote coaching (via phone or video conference – Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts etc.), and individual face to face (where efficient).

Education degrees, Psychology and Coaching specific qualifications. (Please see profiles below.)

There is substantial research demonstrating that effective leadership development requires a blend of approaches.
‘On the job’ and formal learning approaches are complemented best with support, feedback and coaching. No one-size-fits-all learning and development program alone will support individual development needs.
Coaching addresses specific, individual challenges that your leaders are grappling with. Coaching is aimed at solutions and action, taking individual strengths and development needs into account to achieve potential.

Sentis uses the Cog coach methodology, an expansion of the GROW model of coaching, which incorporates more psychological strategies to influence participants. Please see attached the CogCoach process.
Our coaches are highly experienced and agile and will adapt the model where necessary.

We currently have two coaches who have 45 years of education experience between them, Peta Barker and Lisa Newland. These coaches have both held leadership positions in schools including Head of Department, Deputy Principal and Head of School roles, several of those in regional and remote areas. Peta and Lisa have also held regional roles (South East Region) as Team leader and Principal Advisor for the roll out of the Aust Curriculum, Junior Secondary pilot etc.

Krishneel Mararaj was a School Counsellor for three years.

All 9 of our coaches have delivered coaching to leaders from a diverse range of industries across Australia and globally, working from different leadership frameworks and research models. (Please see profiles for more detail.)

Sentis will assign a Project Leader to coordinate our coaching engagement. As part of this process we would schedule a debrief process for coaches.

Our Cog Coach methodology includes a Self-Assessment across five dimensions:

  • Challenging coachee’s assumptions, frames, and behaviours
  • Use of coaching toolkit – neuroscience and psychology
  • Leadership Content Expertise (Research-based)
  • Within session organisation
  • Integrating with the broader picture

We can also ask coachees for feedback (short online survey) during the engagement if requested.

Sentis works with our coaches prior to any engagement to provide an industry context, which may include any leadership data we may have from our assessment tools. Currently, we have a large sample of education leaders who have completed the LEADQ360 which measures 8 competencies such as influence, resilience, thinking, drive, adaptability, innovation, positivity and authenticity. An analysis of the results so far, indicate a seasonal effect on some of the competencies (such as positivity). We will share the trends and themes that come from the LEADQ tool with the team prior to any engagement.

Sentis also has data from our engagements with individual schools where we conduct a ‘Scan and Assess’ of culture and climate which we will share with our coaching team to increase understanding of the context. This may include some of the challenges they may experience and some of the data that creates the Principal’s scorecard.

We will also supply our coaches with an ‘Educational Language and Acronyms Glossary’.