“The quality of leadership, more than any other single factor, determines the success and failure of an organisation.”
Fred Fielder & Martin Chemers

Our flagship LEAD-Q Leadership Program provides leaders with the insights, tools and concepts to drive a positive, engaged culture in their schools. The program is designed to improve individual leadership capability and is complemented by a leadership assessment and post training embedding tools.

Ideal for: Executive Leaders, Principals, Deputy Principals, Heads of Department, Program Managers, Team Leaders and Aspiring Leaders.

Program structure

Stage 1: Assess

Participants will complete a LEAD-Q 360 assessment and self-assessment to identify strengths and areas of opportunity, to allow us to partner with leaders to tailor their learning towards leadership excellence. This may include a debrief and coaching, onsite consultation and vision workshop.

Stage 2: Train

LEAD-Q Leadership Program (3 days 1+1+1)
Day 1: The Brain at Work
You will develop an understanding of the 8 LEAD-Q competencies of high performing leadership as well as key strategies for taking greater control of how the brain works and how to apply these skills when leading others.
Day 2: Developing Self and Others
You will develop strategies for authentic communication to influence better outcomes and understand how to motivate others to drive towards a vision.
Day 3: Leading Through Adversity and Influencing Change
You will develop strategies for managing stress in the moment and maintaining leadership authenticity in times of stress, as well as understand the brain and change, and how to lead through change processes.

Stage 3: Sustain

To ensure successful training transfer, a number of options are available to embed learning. These include: coaching, webinars, onsite consultations, Change Leadership Workshops, Champion Programs and professional learning communities.

Our leadership model

The LEAD-Q Leadership Program is an evidence-based and competency driven process of individual leadership development. Focused on building individual capability to lead and manage both people and processes, the program draws from psychological concepts to highlight the importance of transformational leadership.

LEAD-Q is supported by a comprehensive competency matrix which provides direction and allows leaders to measure their progress. Competencies have been mapped to AITSL Leadership Profiles and Workforce Capability Success Profiles, and outline how to unlock leaders’ potential to perform at the highest level.

LEAD-Q Dimension Measures a leader’s ability to:
Adaptability Adapt with ease to changing circumstances by responding effectively when confronted with changes and thriving in the face of uncertainty.
Authenticity Forge authentic relationships by displaying awareness of one’s own motives and intentions, and using these to guide actions towards others.
Drive Act with conviction by creating challenging goals and actively pursuing these with intention, focus and energy.
Influence Transform others’ attitudes and actions by creating an inspiring vision, demonstrating behaviour in line with that vision, and challenging individuals’ current perspectives to stimulate new thinking and behaviour.
Innovation Lead for innovation by identifying opportunities for improvement, generating creative ideas, and transforming these into innovative solutions that push past current boundaries.
Resilience Be resilient in the face of challenge by using effective coping strategies and leveraging the resources necessary to withstand job demands and recover from adverse work situations.
Thinking Make strategic decisions by using complex reasoning skills to critically assess the situation, judge the available alternatives, and make effective forward-thinking decisions.
Positivity Approach work from a positive perspective to demonstrate engagement in one’s own work and to create an effective working environment for others.

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