Using the latest research in neuroscience, the IMPACT program highlights the capacity and limitations of the brain and aligns to recognised pedagogical frameworks. The program is designed to demonstrate why particular strategies work and why others are not effective. The focus is on understanding how learning works from a brain perspective and how teachers can leverage this knowledge to improve student learning outcomes.

In partnership with the IMPACT Centre, Sentis provides IMPACT Professional Learning Programs to school leaders and teachers. Since 2014, more than 1000 teachers have been trained in IMPACT, with 98% of participants recommending the program to other educators.

Ideal for: Classroom teachers, Heads of Department, Deputy Principals and Principals, Pre-Service Teachers

Program Options

IMPACT Introduction (1 day)
In this condensed program, you will cover the basic neuroscience principles of the six dimensions of IMPACT and how they apply to increased engagement of students and improved learning strategies.
IMPACT Masterclass (2 days)
Gain a deeper understanding of the science behind great teaching and learning and explore the six dimensions in more detail.
Implementing and Leading Pedagogical Change (2 days)
Knowing the dimensions of IMPACT is great for individual teachers, but how do you implement pedagogical change across your organisation? Learn about the change process and develop effective implementation strategies.


IMPACT CentreIMPACT is the pedagogical framework for students who participate in IMPACT Centre programs. These students have shown increased achievement in NAPLAN and were more likely to reach the Upper 2 Bands of NAPLAN compared to students who did not participate in IMPACT.1 Sentis conducts the training for all IMPACT Centre staff who deliver these innovative programs.

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1. Statement: Strategy and Performance – Department of Education and Training