IMPACT Program

Using the latest research in neuroscience, the IMPACT program highlights the capacity and limitations of the brain and aligns to recognised pedagogical frameworks. The program is designed to demonstrate why particular strategies work and why others are not effective. The focus is on understanding how learning works from a brain perspective and how teachers can leverage this knowledge to improve student learning outcomes.

Ideal for: Classroom teachers, Heads of Department, Deputy Principals and Principals, Pre-Service Teachers.

IMPACT stands for INSPIRE, MODEL, PRACTISE, APPLY, CONNECT, TRANSFORM. It is a comprehensive learning program, designed for the 21st Century, that helps educators understand ‘what works’ and ‘why’.

It is not a linear progression of static steps. The IMPACT Learning Framework provides educators with a common language for all members of the school community – students, parents, teachers, teacher aides and school leaders.

IMPACT is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to learning sequences – it is about empowering the teacher and student to be part of a positive, productive learning experience.

Underpinning IMPACT is the belief that student wellbeing is crucial if students are to reach their learning potential. As well as focussing on information processing, thinking skills and creativity, IMPACT outcomes/goal is to develop learners with a growth mindset (Dweck) – the attitude and effort to be successful. IMPACT is supported by a synthesis of research that informs practices that result in improved student learning (‘Taxonomy of Thinking’ Bloom 1956, ‘Scaffolded Instruction’ Bruner 1976,, ‘Zone of Proximal Development’ Vygotsky 1978, ‘Nine Events of Instruction’ Gagne 1985, ‘Art and Science of Teaching’ Marzano 2007, Fisher and Frey’s Gradual Release of Responsibility’ (2007), Fleming’s ‘Explicit Instruction’ and ‘Visible Learning’ Hattie 2008).

IMPACT promotes explicit instruction as well as inquiry learning. If we truly believe in personalised learning then, through differentiation, we can meet the needs of all learners, regardless of ideological position. Teaching and learning must be informed by student performance data, while always recognising individual student potential and capacity.

IMPACT Program


  • Easily accessible – Infographics with strategies.
  • Simple, common language.
  • Research validated – maps to all evidence-based frameworks.
  • Built for teachers BY teachers.
  • WHAT WORKS from a psychological and neuroscience perspective
  • Designed for the 21st Century

For a more detailed outline of our IMPACT program, download our Sentis Education IMPACT brochure.


“Since 2014, we have trained more than 2500 teachers with 99.6% recommending the program to other educators”


IMPACT is the pedagogical framework for students who participate in IMPACT Centre programs. These students have shown increased achievement in NAPLAN and were more likely to reach the Upper 2 Bands of NAPLAN compared to students who did not participate in IMPACT.1 Sentis conducts the training for all IMPACT Centre staff who deliver these innovative programs. Learn more about our partnership with the IMPACT Centre.

1. Statement: Strategy and Performance – Department of Education and Training