Become a transformational leader and improve individual leadership capability with our flagship Leadership Program.

LEAD-Q Leadership Program

Our LEAD-Q Leadership Program includes a 360 assessment, coaching, training and embedding package.

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Understand the brain science behind learning and how to harness this for improved student learning outcomes.

Our IMPACT Programs include:

Building an Effective Teaching Team, Strategic Implementation of a Pedagogical Framework & IMPACT (STE/AM + Digital Innovation)

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Increase self-awareness, build resilience and grit and create a common language and purpose around psychological wellbeing.

wellMIND™ Programs include:

Scan and assess, Vision Workshops, Staff, Student and Parent Programs as well as embedding toolkits.

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“I came home tonight and told my partner today was life changing. This is a wonderful opportunity and it’s so beneficial, I’d love the entire school to receive the same training. Everyone needs this opportunity to feel excited about their wellbeing and resilience and not look at it as another item to check off our to do list! I’m excited about the next step and to see the benefits spread through school.”

“This program has really energised me and I am definitely motivated to implement these effective strategies in my teaching and my everyday life.”

“The program with Sentis provided me with insight into the knowledge, skills and tools to increase my capability to respond helpfully and constructively to change, challenge, adversity and other stressors.”

“Wellmind was a great professional development opportunity to be involved in, and incredibly worthwhile.  Lisa was a really effective presenter and from the end of the workshop it was evident that we all got a lot from it. It is obvious that we have things we want to work on in the school community. It is a crucial part of longevity and fulfilment in teaching and learning.”

“The program exceeded my expectations and I really like the reframing I have gained through some of the models provided. There have been many ‘aha’ moments!”

“There were so many takeaways, but the program really reinforced why I behave in certain ways and the effects this can have in the workplace. It has really made me stop and think about my leadership.
A very useful and relevant experience.”

Education Leader - South East Region, LEAD-Q Leadership Program

“The IMPACT program was certainly inspirational. It has helped me reflect on the role I have been playing in supporting teachers, teacher-aides and the children. Our curriculum has become content-heavy so this program helped me re-focus on the importance of having fun in learning and connecting to the children and their world.”

Deputy Principal - South East Region, IMPACT Program

“Sentis worked with us to create a whole school community program to focus on and boost wellbeing. They conducted staff, parent and student programs which gave us a common language and we then focused on training our student leaders to be ‘Champions’. The program was amazing. It was a life-changing experience for many staff.”

Director, Years 7-12 - Private School, Wellbeing Program

Creating workplaces that enable leadersteachersstudents to thrive.