5 Reasons Why Wellbeing Programs Fail

Wellbeing has become a priority for every organisation. There is no denying the importance of people having a strong sense of physical, social and psychological wellness. Clearly, the benefits to employers are great

  • Brain Animations Make Big Impact

Brain animations make big impact

In 2012, Sentis launched our Brain Animation Series, taking viewers on a tour of the brain by translating complex psychology and neuroscience concepts into plain English. Since then, the short and snappy animations

  • 5 critical steps to wellbeing at work

5 critical steps to wellbeing at work

Did you know that only 52% of employees believe their workplace is mentally healthy? Or that over 60% of employees needing time off for a mental health condition wouldn’t share the real reason

  • What is wellbeing at work anyway?

What is wellbeing at work anyway?

Work can positively contribute to your mental health and provide you with a sense of purpose. It can also make you sick and there is no shortage of people writing about the benefits of