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Sentis Education

Unlocking your brain’s potential.

At Sentis Education, we’re on a mission to help you unlock the potential of your people with our range of acclaimed educational programs that target the biggest driving factor behind why we behave the way we do – the brain.
By infusing the latest research from the fields of psychology and neuroscience within our highly engaging programs, we’re here to give your people the tools they need to thrive in an everchanging world. That’s why, through each of our partnerships with schools and organisations, we pride ourselves on being drivers of self-empowerment.

Lisa Newland


With a strong passion for developing organisational learning cultures and over 20 years of education experience in a variety of leadership roles, Lisa leads the team here at Sentis Education. She’s been involved in several global digital projects and has created training programs for 21st century learning frameworks, including the IMPACT framework – which has supported the learning of over 50,000 students and 2,500 teachers across Queensland.

An avid speaker, Lisa has presented at a series of keynotes at the Global Microsoft Conference in Barcelona. Her education expertise has also been called upon by the media with guest appearances on ABC’s Big Ideas program about the Future of Schooling. Having previously worked on complex implementation projects with multi-national companies at Sentis developing leadership capability and building performance cultures, she understands exactly what it takes to develop and drive a culture of growth.

Peta Barker

Principal Consultant

A dynamic educator with over 25 years’ experience across a variety of roles, school sites and sectors, Peta Barker is passionate about helping you align your school’s processes, structures, academic and pastoral programs to establish an improvement-oriented, shared culture.

With first-hand experience in developing robust school pedagogical frameworks, as well as designing and driving whole-school professional and leadership development programs, she’s here to develop data-driven, responsive means of enacting your school’s improvement plan. This expertise comes from decades of previous work including the execution of student programs, embedding design thinking across entire curriculum and leveraging transformative digital pedagogy.

Creating workplaces that enable leadersteachersstudents to thrive.