How are you perceived?
How do you want to be perceived?

We need to provide leaders with a new way of thinking which not only sets them up for success when faced with change, challenge or adversity, but allows them to embrace and drive an effective response to it. The first step is increased self-awareness. The LEADQ 360 process is for those courageous leaders who know it is time to make a change, time to take on the challenge of improving skills, seek feedback and become a transformational leader.

  • Online LEADQ 360 + report + debrief + action plan workbook + competency matrix + 3 coaching sessions.
  • Ideal for: Aspiring, Middle, Deputy, Principal, Executive Roles.
  • $520 per person.
  • All Remote Course available.


The LEADQ 360 process is completely remote. You will be assigned a coach who will oversee the process and support you through the debrief session. Nominate a supervisor, two peers and three direct reports to assess your leadership behaviours using the 8 competencies.

Your coach will schedule time for you to receive your report, outlining your strengths and areas of opportunity, the perceptions of others in relation to your own perspective and support you to focus on a path forward.

You will receive a number of tools as part of the process. In addition to your report, you will receive a developmental continuum with a helpful progression of leadership behaviours, an action planning workbook, as well as factsheets about the research behind the competencies.

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