Our proven leadership and culture programs are fit-for-purpose for your context. Let’s discuss how we can help to create a common language and common expectations of leader behaviours to drive results.

  • Ideal for: Aspiring, Middle, Deputy, Principal, Executive Roles.
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  • All Remote Course available.


Today’s leaders need more than expert technical knowledge. They need to understand how their behaviours impact others in the workplace and how they can consciously make greater decisions to influence their teams in more effective ways.

You may wish to address issues about your culture or just build leadership capability of your team. The Sentis Education Building Culture and Developing High Performing Leaders Program creates a common language for your staff, with common expectations around leader behaviours, which sometimes may include the development of a leadership charter or the agreed ways of working for your team.

The program makes the complex simple and the simple compelling, through the use of psychological concepts designed to be applied to everyday work tasks. There is a focus on embedding the concepts into the very fabric of your organisation, by identifying the strategic processes to align to the program content.

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