Dr Liz Irwin

South East Region

About Liz

Dr Liz Irwin is an experienced education consultant, coach and school reviewer, working in both U.S.A. and Australia. Her work in these countries has focused on differentiated adult learning, establishing sustainable professional learning communities, whole school improvement, distributive leadership development and coaching for curriculum and instructional change.


  • Building quality leading/teaching capabilities to effect and maximise positive student outcomes

  • Empowering high performing instructionally-focused teams.

  • Powerful professional learning practices for teachers and leaders at all stages of their career

  • Impactful professional learning communities, whole school improvement processes, coaching and adult learning

  • Teacher, coach, mentor and leader ownership, building individual and collective efficacy.


  • 2011 – Doctor of Educational Leadership/ Professional Development – Griffith University
  • 1998 – Master of Education: Mathematics Education – QUT
  • 1981 – Bachelor of Education – QUT
  • 1976 – Diploma of Teaching: Primary/Early Childhood – QUT


2004 & 2005-2013

Lead Education Consultant (Mathematics Pedagogy, Intervention & Leadership)
New York City, Jersey, Westchester and Franklin counties


Keynote Speaker, Facilitator, Critical Friend
University of Melbourne (UOM Critical Network of Schools professional learning workshops (Professor John Hattie/Jim Watterson, Deans)


Keynote Speaker, Workshop & Network Facilitator
Mt Isa Small Schools teaching principals, Accredited Priority,

Trienniel School Reviewer
Melbourne/Geelong, Victorian DOE


Director, Program Manager, Team Leader, Senior Education Consultant Maths Leadership
New York City, Nyack, New Jersey, Paramus, Southern Cross Consultancy (USA).


Senior Education Officer – Pedagogy; Principal Adviser, Leadership & Capability; Manager Capability
South East Region Teacher Learning Centre, Department of Education, QLD

Led Australian Curriculum and effective pedagogical implementation with cluster/individual schools; intentionally collaborating, connecting and liaising through PLCs, workshops and cluster inquiry projects.

Collaborated in developing and facilitating quality workshops, networks, PLCs for beginning and early career teachers, inclusive of TLC frameworks, systems and processes building capability.

Led regional workshops and cluster projects for leaders including Principals, Deputy Principals, coaches, mentors to further craft leadership competencies and capabilities.

Certified ITE accreditation panellist, AITSL; Growth Coaching International Phases 1-3.

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