Building workplace culture relies on the positive wellbeing of all members of the school community; parents, leaders, staff and students. Wellbeing can be the leverage to improve overall performance by developing better collaboration and creativity, improving morale and increasing productivity. Promoting positive environments fosters better staff and student relationships and therefore improved student learning outcomes.

Our wellbeing programs increase self-awareness, focus on changing behaviours, provide an organisation-wide common language and purpose around psychological wellbeing, and promote learnings across community, staff and students. The programs are designed to provide leaders and teams with the tools and concepts to continually improve their own and others’ wellbeing and performance.

Ideal for: Executives, Principals, Deputy Principals, Heads of Department, Program Managers, Team Leaders, Teachers, Parents, Students and Community Members


Program Structure

Stage 1: Prepare

A collaborative consultation will identify your school or department’s strengths and areas of opportunity. We will take into account any existing wellbeing initiatives and work with you to create a comprehensive solution with a focus on psychological wellbeing, occupational wellbeing, and social and community engagement to drive performance improvement. This may also include a formal vision setting workshop.

Stage 2: Train

Training will be tailored based on the outcome of your cultural assessment, with program durations adjusted to meet the needs and level of participants. Programs may include:

This program focuses on psychological wellbeing and provides participants with tools to increase resilience, resolve, reliance and responsibility— the 4R’s. The program influences how we shape our attitudes towards wellbeing and therefore, how we can improve our behaviours and habits and drive results across an organisation.

Resilience and Resolve (Stress Management)
This program focuses on building resolve – the capability to deal with everyday challenges and progress a path forward, and resilience – the capability to deal with significant challenges and bounce forward.

Stage 3: Sustain

To ensure successful training transfer, a number of options are available to embed learning. These may include: Champion Programs, toolkits and annual campaigns.

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