Comprehensive whole school package of 70 explicit lessons, visual resources, student leadership resources, assemblies and form class activities.

The wellMIND™ Student Package is a full resourced and integrated program for one whole year across 6 Year levels.

The Sentis Education team can also design and develop bespoke programs for your students.

The student wellMIND™ program includes an online Student Resilience Measure to assess your student cohorts using the four dimensions of:

  • Active Self-Management
  • Mastery
  • Meaning and purpose
  • Positive Attitude

Full report and analysis provided at specific intervals.


wellMIND™: Resilient Optimistic Capable

Building workplace culture relies on the positive wellbeing of all members of the school community; parents, leaders, staff and students. Wellbeing can be the leverage to improve overall performance by developing better collaboration and creativity, improving morale and increasing engagement. Promoting positive environments fosters better staff and student relationships, improved psychological safety and therefore improved student learning outcomes.

Our wellMIND™ program increases self-awareness, focuses on changing unhelpful behaviours, provides an organisation-wide common language and purpose around psychological wellbeing, and promotes learning across community, staff and students. The programs are designed to provide leaders and teams with the tools and concepts to continually improve their own and others’ wellbeing, resilience and grit.

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