wellMIND™ Staff webinar series – FREE DOWNLOAD

In the midst of the Covid-19 event, Sentis Education delivered 5 webinars to teachers across the state as part of our partnership with The IMPACT Centre.

Recordings of those webinars can be found below.

(QLD Department of Education employees only**)


1. Mindset & Resilience

How can we take greater control of our attitude to deal with change and challenges. (30 mins)

2. Internal Locus of Control

How can we focus on what we can control and influence. What part do I play in the outcomes I get? (30 mins)

3. Reframing and Negative Bias

Using neuroplasticity to take greater control of my thinking. (30 mins)

4. Hunting the Good Stuff

How do we keep a positive mindset? (30 mins)

5. Mindset and Investing in my Wellbeing

My Personal Big 5. Why it is important to invest in wellbeing factors over the next two weeks. (30 mins)

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