wellMIND™ Beginning Teacher Program

This targeted program acknowledges the challenges of beginning teachers and provides helpful mental models to thrive and not just survive in the first few years of teaching.

Elaborating on the 4 Lifestyle Factors that influence wellbeing – and providing a range of tools to control thinking and manage stress – the program encourages self-reflection and forward-planning with the added provision of ongoing self-assessment via the ‘Sentis Education Beginning Teacher Resilience Survey’.

Topics covered include:

  • The power of finding meaning and purpose in your work
  • Active self-management through informed and conscious decisions
  • Taking control by acknowledging responsibility for choices and developing helpful responses when faced with challenge.

wellMIND™ Beginning Teacher Mentor Program

This program is specifically designed for Mentors of Beginning Teachers and targets influencing and supporting others to build resilience and grit, while also exploring the most helpful attitudes and behaviours of mentors.

Based in the application of neuroscience and psychology, our training actively builds the leadership capability of mentors to maximise the success of beginning teacher programs within schools and aligns to the IPS Leadership Mentoring Framework; Relationships, Goals, Support, Challenge and Change.

Intended Outcomes:

  • Establish and build trust
  • Promote authenticity
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Engage with meaningful, mutual goals
  • Use questions effectively to challenge, support and guide.


wellMIND™: Resilient Optimistic Capable

Building workplace culture relies on the positive wellbeing of all members of the school community; parents, leaders, staff and students. Wellbeing can be the leverage to improve overall performance by developing better collaboration and creativity, improving morale and increasing engagement. Promoting positive environments fosters better staff and student relationships, improved psychological safety and therefore improved student learning outcomes.

Our wellMIND™ program increases self-awareness, focuses on changing unhelpful behaviours, provides an organisation-wide common language and purpose around psychological wellbeing, and promotes learning across community, staff and students. The programs are designed to provide leaders and teams with the tools and concepts to continually improve their own and others’ wellbeing, resilience and grit.

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