Two-day program exploring the neuroscience and psychology within the dimensions of the IMPACT framework: Inspire, Model, Practise, Apply, Connect and transform. Highly interactive and experiential with a practical grab-bag of strategies.

Ideal for: School Leaders / DP / HODs / HOCs / HOSES / Teachers

  • Easily accessible – Infographics with strategies.
  • Simple, common language.
  • Research validated – maps to all evidence-based frameworks.
  • Built for teachers BY teachers.
  • WHAT WORKS from a psychological and neuroscience perspective
  • Designed for the 21st Century.



IMPACT Foundation Program; works through the six dimensions of INSPIRE, MODEL, PRACTISE, APPLY, CONNECT, TRANSFORM, demonstrating the capacity and limitations of the brain. Through a focus on the neuroscience and the psychology that underpins learning, participants will discover why their best lessons worked!

IMPACT STE/AM AND DIGITAL INNOVATION; all six dimensions of IMPACT applied to STE/AM, 21st century tools and Design Thinking. With a focus on hands-on, replicable learning experiences, participants take the role of a learner and see first-hand how IMPACT can apply across all year levels address all curriculum requirements.

IMPACT Masterclass; Implementing the IMPACT pedagogical framework at your school. Participants explore tools and processes for embedding IMPACT strategies across a team, cohort or school-wide and develop an understanding of how to lead change to ensure that your core business – learning – is always the focus.

EXPERT TEACHING TEAM – Online and face-to-face programs to support teachers and team leaders as they implement IMPACT strategies and build a highly effective team at your school. Develop the school-wide processes that support a culture of continuous Professional Learning and promote sustainability. Design the ultimate Professional Learning Community and develop intentional collaboration to build the capability and capacity of your people. Regardless of your existing pedagogical framework, we’ll help you implement the most effective brain-based strategies to improve learning, engagement and promote a growth mindset.

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