Dr Kerry Maberly

South East Region

About Kerry

Kerry develops more emotionally intelligent and innovative leaders, managers and professionals by enhancing their understanding of how the brain functions, its cognitive biases and key psychological concepts. Kerry provides the insight, skills and choice to influence more effectively the behaviour of your team and other leaders. Knowledge is integrated across cognitive, organisational and positive psychology combined with behavioural economics insights.


  • Decision-Making
  • Neuroplasticity & change
  • Habits
  • Thinking skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Influence & Persuasion

  • Communication & Difficult Conversations

  • Unconscious Bias & Cognitive Biases



Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Decision Making Griffith University

1991 – 1994

Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Honours)
Cognitive and Organisational Psychology, First Class Honours.

Change Management
Person Centred Implementation (PCI) Practitioner – Change First

Kirton Adaption Innovation (KAI)
Inventory – Administrator – KAI Distribution Centre

2019 – Current

Sentis Associate Coach and Consultant
Kerry has debriefed LEADQ 360 reports and provided coaching to School Leaders in Central Queensland.

2005 – Present

Founder & Cognitive and Behavioural Science Specialist – Building Better Brains – Brainy.
Kerry develops in others the cognitive skills needed to adapt, innovate, thrive and flourish – individually, in teams and across an organisation.

This is achieved by combining cutting edge neuroscience, psychology and behavioural economics to maximise reflection, motivation and skill development.

Kerry has worked in Australia, New Zealand, The Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China, Japan, Mauritius, Mexico and throughout the UK.

Kerry also has extensive experience across a range of industries – Aged Care, Airlines, Accountancy, Casinos, Consumer Goods, Engineering, Investment Banks, Insurance, Law Firms, Pharmaceuticals, Professional Associations, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Retail Banks, Tertiary Education (Unis & Tafe) and education.

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